Old Dogs New Tricks Needs Help With An Art Project

Hi volunteers

2012 Chicago Pride Parade

2012 Chicago Pride Parade

We have our Pride Festival fundraiser coming up in mid June. We always like to have something special to offer the attendees that attracts people to our booth. Any ideas you might have that wouldn’t be a large expense for us would be a welcome consideration. One idea we had is similar to the pet rock idea of years ago. We have lots of rocks in my yard so why not use them. But, to pull that off ,we need some artsy crafty people and we don’t have lots of time. If you’re interested in knowing more about this project, please email or text me for more details. WE NEED HELP!

The Pride Festival is in 2 weeks,Saturday June 6th! Yikes, we have a lot to do to get ready. We have the rock project and we need help with that. We will need 8 to 10 volunteers the day of the event. Morning people will meet here about 8am, load the van and carpool to Capitol Mall, the event site. The afternoon crew will meet at the event site around 12 or 1 and plan to stay till 5 and help pack up. We are busiest from 10 till 2. If you can help us out, I promise you’ll have fun. More details soon…
And lastly, I will be sending out another “update” about our Benefit Raffle this week. When you get the raffle email, will you please help us by posting it on your social media sites and asking your followers to do the same? It really boosts our sales and I’ve fallen short of doing that this year. As a result, our sales are lacking. The raffle will end in late June so time is short.  And there are some awesome prizes this year so please help us make our raffle a success.

Thanks always for you time and talent. You’re the best!  


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