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Buddy & Holly

Buddy & Holly came to us from a sweet man that had cared for them their whole lives.  Due to terminal health issues he had to sell his home & downsize to a condo and could no longer keep them. It was his wish to keep them together & we have honored that wish. Buddy & Holly were with the rescue for months before Judy came to their rescue. Both dogs needed leg surgery for a torn ACL. Judy found a connection with the East Bay SPCA and they helped fund most of the surgery costs. Our volunteers, Judy, and her friends funded the rest of the costs and both dogs had their legs repaired & are doing very well with the recovery process.  Judy adopted both dogs and they are bonding with her out at their new home in El Dorado county on an acre of property with a pool! Boy did these two score! And Judy works from home so they get plenty of attention. Holly has been swimming in the pool but Buddy doesn't seem the least bit interested.  Buddy is more fascinated by the deer and other critters on the property. But the dogs have learned to go off leash for walks on the property and are doing well. We thank Judy from the bottom of our hearts for keeping these two great dogs together & doing so much to get them back to health. Our volunteer Mary fostered Buddy for a month and says he is the "perfect dog". "He is good with everyone and just an absolute joy to have around." And Holly is so cute and active and loving.  They are the best "pair" we have ever had at our rescue and we wish them many more happy years together.


Bruno was adopted by his new family in March 2014. They were also very generous and gave our rescue a donation on top of Bruno's adoption fee. Thanks go out to this wonderful family for seeing the life left in this sweet 10 1/2 year old yellow lab. Here is what Tamara and family emailed to us:

We are so in love with our new dog, Bruno!  He is the perfect dog for our us.  I truly feel like it was fate that we saw him on your website after searching for months for the right pet to add to our family; and when we met him I knew that it was going to be a match made in heaven.  He has more spunk and energy than most dogs half his age, and we are having a great time playing ball and Frisbee with him and taking him on walks.  I love that he usually has a toy or a ball hanging from his mouth and he’s so eager to play.  He has the sweetest disposition and just loves everyone he meets (which is awesome because we have a busy household!).  He gets along great with our two other dogs and has even made friends with the neighborhood cat.  Bruno loves belly rubs and any rubs in general, really!  We joke that he even talks to us by making silly (approving) sounds when we are giving him love.  Words can’t express just how happy we are to have Bruno as part of our family.  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to care for him; we feel so blessed!


Smiley was adopted in January 2014 after a year at the rescue.  It was worth the wait since he hit the jackpot with his new family! Sheryl & Sean are patient and loving and they are giving Smiley the safe home and attention he needs.  They take him on daily walks in Rancho Cordova with their other dog Odin.  Smiley is very special to all of us at the rescue.  He went missing for 2 days and traveled many miles to find his way back home.  He is Superdog to all of the volunteers here.  He was found before Christmas and then got the best present of all for the New Year...a loving home.  We love & miss you Smiley! Best wishes and big thanks to Sheryl & Sean for loving our boy.


Murphy the big, senior, chocolate lab goofball was the class clown of our rescue!  He is such a lover and a big attention hog.  He would often plow down the other rescue dogs to get front-and-center for petting! He was hilarious and we miss his youthful spirit at the rescue.  There was never a dull moment with this character around! But look at this classic picture of Murphy soaking up all of the love and attention from his new owner David.  We are happy for you Murphy!

Reba McEntire

Reba & Mic were adopted by a couple in Foresthill.  Here is our recent email from the couple that adopted not one..but TWO..Old Dogs New Tricks rescue dogs:

Hi there,

It's been a little while but we've been all adapting. Reba's limp is the same but she's a lively bundle of happiness and face-licks in her new home in the woods. She and Mic are getting along just great and getting regular exercise via hikes in the trees. Both maybe took a couple of days before they were used to the regular potty and feeding routines but everyone is settled and so comfortable now.

Reba's eyes have brightened so much and she loves going for walks, albeit at a slower pace :)  Her and Laci, the smallest blonde petite old one, are very close already and are constantly at each others side.

She recently got had this rigorous little 2 mile hike to a fire lookout.She did so fantastic and slept away when she got home. Mic is completely at home in the woods and we play several times a day. We just wanted to say thank you so much again for Reba and Mic. Our family of four is bigger than we expected yet more than we could have hoped for. They are both absolutely fabulous and loving and we know they'll be so happy to live their twilight years out in the trees. Thank you!

-The Lowrys


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