Angel came to us because of a hardship situation…her owner was dying from cancer. She’s a beautiful, playful girl. Our foster mom, Carol, took her and fell in love. So Angel found her forever home. Here are Carol’s comments:

Hi Susan: Got an e-mail from Charlene yesterday about Angel, and I told her that because Angel seems happy here and fits in so well, we’d be willing to keep her. I’ve been in touch with her owner, Marilyn, about her, have given her an update, and reported that Angel seems to be quite content where she is. Gets along with my guys, gets weekly outings to the dog park and rides in the car, has a big fenced yard to amble around in, and in general is the type of dog that works very well around here (I take on the old ones…).

Anyway, don’t know what other plans are out there for Angel, or how much you’re in touch with Charlene, but I told her that all’s well and Angel’s got a spot here.