Cyrus was a sick boy that we rescued from SSPCA. It turns out that his health problems stemmed from a low thyroid. Through our friend Randi’s recommendation, Cyrus was adopted within a few weeks by Paul and Cindy. They wrote these comments:
Paul and Randi renamed Cyrus to Elvis which means hope. It was not hard to change his name as he does not hear too much anyway. He is really great at watching for signs to do what you are asking him to do. He loves Paul and follows him around the house and yard while he is home. Paul and Elvis have bonded very well. Both love each other and Elvis puts up with his mom during the day while dad is out working. He is a really good boy and blends with our lifestyle and family life. His sister (our cat) was not excited to see her brother come home but now they do not even pay attention to one another.