Our Heide girl left us in May for her forever home. She was a great dog but a little slow to warm up to lots of people. But with her new mom, D, it was love at first sight. Here are D’s comments:

Dear “Old Dogs,New Tricks”,

I am writing to thank you for my dear Heidi. I have never adopted an older dog before and I am amazed at how well trained and obedient Heidi is- she must have had very loving first parents! She gets along well with the other dogs and has even friended the cat (they enjoy long afternoon naps together.)

The adoption process was perfect- it allowed me to get to know Heidi and allowed her to “visit” so we knew her new home would be right for us both! I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone I know who wants to give a dog a loving home and bonus: skip the bad puppy years.

Heidi is very healthy and happy but years from now when one of my dogs goes to puppy heaven I will definitely call you for another beautiful loving dog.