Reba McEntire



Reba & Mic were adopted by a couple in Foresthill.  Here is our recent email from the couple that adopted not one..but TWO..Old Dogs New Tricks rescue dogs:






Hi there,

It’s been a little while but we’ve been all adapting. Reba’s limp is the same but she’s a lively bundle of happiness and face-licks in her new home in the woods. She and Mic are getting along just great and getting regular exercise via hikes in the trees. Both maybe took a couple of days before they were used to the regular potty and feeding routines but everyone is settled and so comfortable now.

Reba’s eyes have brightened so much and she loves going for walks, albeit at a slower pace 🙂  Her and Laci, the smallest blonde petite old one, are very close already and are constantly at each others side.

She recently got had this rigorous little 2 mile hike to a fire lookout.She did so fantastic and slept away when she got home. Mic is completely at home in the woods and we play several times a day. We just wanted to say thank you so much again for Reba and Mic. Our family of four is bigger than we expected yet more than we could have hoped for. They are both absolutely fabulous and loving and we know they’ll be so happy to live their twilight years out in the trees. Thank you!

-The Lowrys