Sam’s Story

SamToni ODNT SpokesdogWelcome to all you dog lovers.  I’m Toni, official spokesdog for Old Dogs New Tricks. We are a non-profit rescue for older dogs in Carmichael, CA.

Our mission is to rescue older dogs who are unwanted and abandoned and give them forever homes (that’s what I have). My guardian, Susan, rehabilitates the sick ones and helps the healthy ones get a better life. To let you know how very important this project is,

I want to tell you a story about the life of Sam.

Sam was one in a litter of pups born to a breeder. He was the smallest one and a little shy so no one ever bought him. He was sad and lonely for 9 months, waiting for someone to take him home and love him and give him a name. Finally one day his life changed. A couple of nice humans showed up and took him home. He actually had a name and a family of his own. They called him Sam.

For 5 years he frolicked and played, ate good food and took naps by the fireplace. Sam was happy dog. Then his life took another change, but this time it was a bad change. Sam’s family fell on bad times and could no longer keep him and they took Sam to a shelter. It was noisy and cold there with many sad, confused dogs like him. He prayed to the angels, God… anyone who would listen, Where is my family? Please help me find my home. I’m cold and lonely. Please help me. Then one day a man came and adopted him. Sam didn’t like the way he smelled but at least he was out of the shelter. Sadly, the man was mean to Sam, kicking him and he left Sam out in the heat and cold with no shelter or water. One day the gate was left open and Sam ran away.

He was scared wandering the streets with nowhere to live but at least the people he met were nice to him and some even gave him food. After weeks on the street he became dirty and thin. One day, crossing the street Sam got hit by a car. His front leg was shattered, broken in half. Someone picked him up and took him to the shelter. They operated on him but couldn’t save his leg. By now Sam was 9 years old with only 3 legs but he looked even older because of years of neglect. So he sat and sat waiting for a home. People came and went but no one took him home. Everyone seemed to want a puppy. Sam was facing certain euthanasia. Sam’s heart and spirit were broken. He said another prayer for the angels to find him a new family with people to love him but no one ever came for Sam.

This story is all too common in this tough economic environment. Our Sam, pictured above, came to us under similar circumstances and he also lost his leg . He is just the type of dog we want to help. He now has a warm, fuzzy bed of his own, daily walks and treats, other dogs to hang out with and… people who love him. But this happy ending is very rare. Most old shelter dogs are euthanized because no one wants them.

We love our rescue work and every dog we adopt is so grateful. You can see it in their eyes. But this work is very expensive. Right now our monthly bills for food, medicine, grooming and vet bills run about $1,000 / mo. Younger, healthy dogs aren’t so costly, but the big reward for us is working with the older guys and gals.

We need help in keeping this dream alive and we need money. If you could give us a donation it would make a big difference… maybe $5 or $10 dollars? Now, if you have excess cash or maybe you just won the lottery, we will take more, arf, arf!

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Well, thanks for stopping by and come back again (could you bring me a treat and maybe some cash for our cause?) All this talking is making me hungry. See you soon, okay?

– Grateful to be Alive!


Toni Tiger
Spokesdog for Old Dogs New Tricks INC
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