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Tucker is a happy dog but of which breed, we don't know. I'd say he's a lab because he wags 24/7 except for sleeping but he doesn't look lab   . We adore him. It's his personality. He's a good boy, very smart and a  fast learner. If you'd like to meet Tucker, tell us about yourself and the life he would have living with you. 

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Toby is a happy guy, He's probably 9 or 9 10, current on vaccines, neutered, has arthritis but, otherwise is healthy. When we rescued him he weighed about 115lbs and couldn't get up and could barely walk . Now he has lost about 25 lbs and has a walk daily, Toby has some lab in him but he has other breeds in there too. The lab part is pretty prominent. He loves people, dogs and life. He's happy and smiles a lot. We are gradually changing him to a regular diet
He's looking for an adopter who is home a lot and can take him for daily walks, and allow him to be inside, and a family that will give him lots of love, and keep him on his arthritis meds 

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River is a very special guy, older but very active, loves going on walks, playing fetch and hanging out with his person. But River doesn't have a person😩, He was found roaming the river in West Sacramento. We can tell he has suffered some human abuse. Fast movement, garden tools, blowers, etc freak him out with strangers. He's made major progress here with an assistant working with him. They play together and River follows him everywhere. He wags a lot but he doesn't like other dogs, a sure sign of neglect by his owner who never took time to socialize him. If you or anyone you know lives off the grid with no other pets and wants a beautiful, loving companion, please contact me for more details
River is neutered, about 65 lbs, heartworm neg, current on vaccines and passed his health exam.
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Lola will melt your heart. She as docile as they come. She's been over bred and I think she's never been loved. Well that's all changing now. She's been spayed ang getting pets by the hour. When we got her she was very thin but she's slowly gaining back her weight. There's only one thing missing. Lola needs a forever home. If you'd like to meet her, tell us about yourself, your lifestyle and what life you'd be able to offer Lola

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(Has been moved to another shelter)

Is a sweet but scared bulldog mix dog. A man must have severely abused her, My assistant David has been working with her and she will let him almost touch her. When females spend time with her she becomes a wiggle butt with excitement. She loves to play ball. She wears a muzzle off and on during the day to be safe when 2 Littles are out. She has been around all the big dogs except my Paco without incident. She's an adorable dog and needs a a strong active owner. She about 6,spayed, utd on vaccines, hw neg, chipped and looking for love❤️ If you'd like to meet this cutie tell us about your residence, yourself and the life you can offer Millie. She's waiting to meet you. 

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This is from Ryder's previous owner

Meet Ryder, a 6 year old playful Lab mix.  I adopted him from the Stanislaus Animal Services Shelter in Modesto 10 months ago.  Since then our lifestyle has changed and we are no longer able to give him the attention and exercise he deserves.  Ryder was listed as a yellow Lab/golden Retriever mix  He has the good looks and playful personality of a lab.  Ryder weighs 75 lbs, stays indoors and outdoors, likes our children (16 and 18) and gets along with our smaller dog, a terrier.  Once he is familiar with other dogs they get along quite well.  He loves going for walks at least 2x a day and would love someone to teach him how to walk without pulling on the lead so he can see the outside world and help you do the same.  He also has started to enjoy swimming in our pool.  Ryder is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations.  If you like a happy go lucky dog, email us for an appt and tell us about yourself and the life he would have living with you 

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Kodi is selectively friendly with other dogs but she's a bossy girl, especially over toys and food. She wants a playmate but needs a mellow submissive friend.  The other dogs here are older and won't engage with her, so she's bored.  She's great on a leash, and especially loves women. She has a little arthritis in her front elbow, but other than that, she will make a great family pet. Older children only. Kodi is an inside dog. She uses a dog door here but only for bathroom trips. She a funny talker that will make you laugh. 
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Baby is an energetic friendly dog who loves people, other dogs and even cats! She loves walks, and runs really fast. She has spent her entire life in a backyard with little human interaction so she's yearning for attention and love. She will be your constant companion, if you'd like to meet this sweetie, tell us about yourself and the life she would have living with you.
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Lady  is a senior Shar Pei mix , approx. 9 yrs. Old. She is current on all her shots. She is house trained She loves to go for walks. She has one weak back leg so she needs a one story home. We are giving her Glucosamine every day which helps but stairs are out of the question. She does well with other dogs, not sure about cats. She is a very loving dog. Lady is spayed and healthy, She is also deaf. CONTACT me with any questions, 

Mary Ellen

Ringo Starr

This boy is an 8 yr old neutered lab mix, 45 lbs.  He is heartworm negative. He's a bit of a mystery. He loves walks and chasing the ball and on walks he ignores other dogs. But with the other dogs here he barks at them with a wagging tail and tries to nip them. We think he's been a backyard dog most of his life and never been socialized . He needs a slow introduction to other dogs and a little patience from his owner and he should be fine. ' He's very cute and affectionate and friendly with people, with children unknown.  If you want to meet this cute boy tell us about yourself and the life he would have living with you .
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Hi, I am Laddie . I'm a very kind, funny dog. I am a friendly dog who loves to be around people. I have been with a foster family for three weeks and I am an awesome dog. The first couple of days they had me I was kind of distant but I warmed up to them quickly. I love being pet so much and I will show my belly for scratches. I am so loyal to the point that I will follow them everywhere. I also get along with other dogs. The people who are fostering me have two dogs and I get along with both of them. I seem to get along with bigger dogs more than smaller dogs. With their larger dog, Shiva, I play with her and I share my toys. I have had one incident with a very small dog at the park but I am very friendly at the house with their small dog. I am a very calm loving dog that moves slowly until you take me on a walk then I am way faster than I normally am.

In conclusion, a person who would want me is someone looking for their dog to have a friend or someone who wants to take care of an older dog that's healthy and full of life. I'm neutered, current on vaccines and heartworm negative. If you'd like to meet me tell us about your residence, your lifestyle and the life I would have living with you..

Written by Charles, his foster


Lassie is an older blind dog.  She's very pretty and sweet as can be. Her vet check and bloodwork showed no other health   issues other than blindness. We have only had Lassie a week and she's becoming more adventurous every day. She has learned to navigate the backyard and the house. Her favorite room is the kitchen where she searches for crumbs..  I feel she would do best with 1 other mellow dog that can show her around. If you're looking for a low key companion that doesn't need a lot of exercise. Please consider meeting  Lassie.  She will steal your heart.
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Kira is a beautiful, purebred Husky, 8 yrs old, healthy and spayed. She listens, loves everyone, and is very friendly. She's a happy dog that would make a great family pet. Because of her heavy coat she is not a backyard dog. She LOVES water. She needs a way to cool down on hot days. She likes being inside when it's hot. She needs an active family who will include her in their daily activities. Her former owner took her on long trail rides by horseback.
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This dog is a purebred Belgian Malinois, 9yr old, neutered and heartworm negative. He's an active, healthy boy and Malinois are a working breed dog. He would do best with a family or person that's active, and would include him in their activities. He loves to walk, jog, swim, play ball, toys, people, all dogs and the list goes on. Mason is a happy boy who loves life but, most of all, he wants a home with a family to love him. Mason listens and knows "No" and basic commands, but in Spanish. That's OK, he's smart and is a fast learner. He's so sweet that you'll just love him, If you want to meet him tell us about yourself and the life he would have living with you. 
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Primary Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Status: Available
More information:
Wall is a handsome, 10 year old shepherd/lab mix, we guess. He's a big guy at 85 lbs. He's neutered and healthy but walks with a limp. The vet says a likely old injury that was never properly treated. In spite of that, her runs, not far, and goes on daily walks. Wally is a friendly dog with others and good  on a leash.
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Moms is the ideal pet. She's about 7, 60lbs,  and is a spayed female. She's heartworm negative, micro-chipped, and current on vaccines. She's beautiful and very well behaved and walks well on a leash.  She's very playful and would love to have a play partner, either canine or human. She hasn't been tested with children but her nature is so loving, we think she would be great with respectful kids. Moms is blind in one eye but she seems unaffected by it. Our vet says she was likely born that way and she is pain free. If you'd like to meet Moms, tell us more about yourself and the life she would have living with you. 
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Cecil's mom is in a bad situation and had to give him up, so he's in our rescue now and up for adoption. Cecil is a 10 yr old black lab who has had a loving home in the past and you'll see that when you meet him. He is neutered and current on vaccines and heartworm negative. He knows many commands and has quite the funny personality. He's smart, loving of dogs and cats, and wants an owner to hang out with. Cecil is a bit portly with a few benign fatty tumors but that doesn't stop him from a good game of fetch or a neighborhood walk or a swim at the river. He's a typical lab who loves life and everything in it. Cecil needs to lose a few lbs and is on a diet and exercise program that would need to be continued when adopted. If you're interested in him and would like to meet him, please tell me more about yourself, your residence and the life Cecil would have living with you.
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