Old Dogs New Tricks | A rescue for older dogs
who are unwanted and abandoned to find them forever homes

“The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s
animals are treated.” ~Mahatma Ghandi.

Welcome to all you dog lovers.
I’m Toni, official spokesdog for Old Dogs
New Tricks. We are a non-profit rescue for
older dogs in Carmichael, CA.

Our mission is to rescue older dogs who
are unwanted and abandoned and give
them forever homes (that’s what I have).
My guardian, Susan, rehabilitates the sick
ones and helps the healthy ones get a
better life. To let you know how very
important this project is, I want to tell you
a story about the life of Sam.



We are a small rescue in Carmichael CA, a suburb of Sacramento, but we are growing month by month. There are several ways you can help us and make a difference in an older dog’s quality of life. First, of course we need money for food, grooming, vet bills, etc. Consider making a donation TODAY, large or small. Click our yellow donate button to give what you can. It’s easy and it’s tax deductible.

Other Ways to Help

Grooming/Exercise: We also need dog walkers and help with brushing and grooming. If that is of interest, and you have some free time, contact us and tell us about yourself and your experience with dogs. I’m sure we will find something for you to help with as soon as possible. Fill out the registration form if you can commit to this project.
Contact Us and we will find a job for you. Volunteers are the life blood of our existence. We bless and appreciate you!

Donations can be made through PayPal to olddogs43@gmail.com or by clicking the button above. Thank you 


Memorials to Our Friends

I’ve had many requests to make a donation in memory of a beloved pet.  So we’ve created a page to show our appreciation for your support and to remember your special pet. Make your donation thru PayPal or by mail and then send us a pic of your pet with a few brief comments and your name. Give us a week and we will post it.
Click here




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